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Valet Parking Frankfurt Airport


You would like a little more comfort? With Fly Auto Parking you can also book our convenient Valet Parking. “Valet Parking” is an American term for having your private car parked by an employee of a company.
And that is the easy way, Valet Parking works with Fly Auto Parking at Frankfurt Airport: You can book one of our Valet service packages. Doing this, you are free to choose whether you want your car placed on a parking lot or in our car park.

Day of departure

At your date of departures you drive directly to your terminal at Frankfurt Airport. We have already instructed you where you will find our friendly employee to hand over your car. Additionally, our driver holds up clearly visible Fly Auto Parking sign and is also available by phone. In case you are late he or she will wait until you arrive.

Of course, we assist you with unloading your luggage. When being handed over, besides the milage and the filling level in your tank we briefly check your car for possible damages. After that, you hand over the car keys to our driver who takes your car without any diversion to our 8 minutes away parking lot in Frankfurt Niederrad. There the car remains unmoved in your absence – except you want us to perform services that make it necessary to move your car.

Date of your return journey

After having landed safely in Frankfurt please call our service number as soon as you enter the baggage claim. One of our drivers immediately drives your car to your arrival terminal and hands the vehicle over to you as soon as you leave your terminal. When being handed over, you check your car together with our driver regarding its general condition as well as milage and filling level. Afterwards we wish you a safe trip home!


We offer several services, that make your Valet Parking with Fly Auto Parking even more convenient. You want to start your journey home with a full petrol tank? It is our pleasure! Please feel free to ask for our range of additional services concerning “cheap parking at Frankfurt Airport”.

Important Information!

Dear customers of FlyAutoParking,

Dear visitors of our homepage.
We would like to inform you that the parking area in Frankfurt Niederrad is no longer available from 01.09.2019. The owner has terminated the rental agreement for our own use, so we have to vacate the area by the end of August. We are trying hard to find an alternative near the airport and for our customers easily accessible parking area.

We will inform you, dear customers, as soon as we have rented a suitable area for valet parking.

In the meantime, please use the alternative booking tool on our site. Here you will also see only verified parking spaces. The parking spaces can be booked online as usual.

Yours sincerely
Your team from FlyAutoParking GmbH